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What our patients have to say about McCarty Weight Loss Center

Patient Reviews & Stories

*As patients and procedures vary so will results.
Ashley Green

We are excited to announce our January Patient Of the Month, Ashley Green! She is down a total of 155 lbs since her Mini Sleeve.

Ashley says, “I am so grateful for my journey that would have been nearly impossible without the help of Dr. McCarty. Each day is a new day that I’m finding my true self and I feel as though I’m actually living life now rather than simply existing.”

John Davis

We are excited to announce our December Patient of the Month John Davis!

“I recently had my 6-month post op follow up. I have managed to shed 113.2 pounds.
My shirt size has gone from a 3XB to an XL and my waist size is down from a 44B to a 34.
I have been working hard to get to this point. I have struggled with health issues for the past couple of years. I am happy to report that, by losing the weight, I am no longer taking ONE SINGLE MEDICATION. I am also no longer sleeping with my C-PAP machine. My health is as good as it has ever been during my adult years. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone on the McCarty Weight Loss Team!!”

Tommy Brown

We are excited to announce our November Patient of the Month Tommy! He has lost 200 lbs since his Mini Sleeve!

“This was the best decision I ever made in regards to my health and life. I’ve lost 200 pounds since surgery. I feel so much better and no longer have to take BP meds. Best advice I can give is find a exercise you like doing and do it. Since my surgery I’ve not been to a gym, but my hobbies require a lot of cardio. Thank you to Dr. McCarty and the entire team”

Daesha Strong

We are excited to announce our October patient of the month Daesha Strong!

“This surgery was so much more then I thought. My surgery has increased my life in so many ways, my social life, family life, & even my mental health. My highest weight was 415, starting weight was 397. Being at that size made it so difficult to live a simple life, but with the great help of Dr. McCarty & his staff, I’ve lost over 200 pounds, with my current weight being 193! I am a year and 2 months out & happier than I’ve EVER BEEN! Thank you Dr. McCarty and staff for your excellent work! I am finally happy!”

Jordanne Lindberg

We are excited to announce our September Patient of the Month Jordanne Lindberg! She has lost 106 lbs since her Mini Sleeve and is 1 year out from surgery!

“The choice to get the surgery was a catalyst for my entire life changing. (Divorce, career, body) and all for the better. Be mentally prepared to feel “the same” some days. Even if you’re totally different in more ways than one.”

Greg Alford

We are excited to announce our August Patient of the Month Greg!

“I started battling my weight when I was in my early 30s, I tried every diet in the world Jennie Craig, weight watchers, you name it I tried it, every diet pill in the world. I started to investigate the various surgeries available and decided on the sleeve. I just happened to find Dr. McCarty on the Internet when I was doing research and was astounded that it didn’t require an overnight hospital stay like all the other gastric sleeves surgery do. I met with Dr. McCarty, he is extremely personable and has a great bedside manner and just is very matter of fact and explained everything in detail.

I went into surgery at 2 o’clock on a Tuesday and walked out at 8 o’clock Tuesday night!

Yes, no overnight hospital stays nothing! I had several friends that had the gastric sleeve done by other surgeons and all of them had to stay in the hospital a minimum of a day.

Within two weeks of the surgery, I was off all my medications the metformin for diabetes and my medication for high blood pressure.

As you can see from the pictures with the help of Dr. McCarty and Orange Theory Fitness, I have lost over 90 pounds and transformed my body.

What I have saved in prescription cost and food has more than paid for the surgery.

I’m still amazed after year with the weight loss and basically how easy it was. It’s no panacea, you still must watch what you eat. I can’t believe anybody would choose anybody besides Dr. McCarty if they’re having the gastric sleeve done, his mini sleeve works and is absolutely amazing!

Ruth Gower

We are excited to announce our July Patient of the Month! Ruthie had the Mini Sleeve almost 9 months ago and has lost 105 lbs! Ruth says “The surgery has given me energy that I never thought possible before! It’s given me confidence and my overall health is great!
I don’t think I could have done this on my own!
Thank you Dr. McCarty!”

Robert Baird

We are excited to name Robert Baird as our June Patient of the Month! Since receiving his McCarty Mini Sleeve in March of 2018, Robert has lost 150 pounds. After battling insulin sensitivity, chronic inflammation, acid reflux and other health issues, Robert chose to undergo the Mini Sleeve procedure due to its proven use as an invaluable tool to get patient health on track and its minimally invasive technique with a limited hospital stay. Congratulations, Robert! We are proud of your work thus far and look forward to all of your health accomplishments ahead.

Colleen Russell

We are excited to announce our May Patient of the Month! Colleen is a little over a year out from the Mini Sleeve and has lost a total of 81 lbs in her journey! Colleen says, “I’m a Travel Agent and had a love hate relationship with travel… now I’m comfortable traveling and exploring and My relationship with travel is pure LOVE. I can PLAY with my grandkids!”

Her advice: “It’s been incredible for me… all positive, I’m so happy I finally gathered the courage to do this for myself. But it was a very hard decision, and I wasted lots of YEARS worrying about it. If you seriously want to take control of your weight, don’t waste time… do it. It’s not a magic serum, but for me, it made all the difference. I’ve dieted all my life and the last 20 years I have dieted without results. Surgery gave me the results I’ve worked so hard and long for.”

Shannon Clark

Congratulations to Shannon Clark, our April Patient of the Month! Since her Roux-en-Y gastric bypass revision, Shannon is down three clothing sizes and is no longer sick and depressed. Shannon is thankful for Dr. McCarty and his team for helping her improve her quality of life and self-esteem! We look forward to all that Shannon will continue to accomplish.

Erica Robertson

Our entire team is proud to name Erica Robertson our March Patient of the Month! It has been one year since Erica’s Mini Sleeve procedure and she has lost 60 pounds. We look forward to seeing what Erica continues to accomplish now that she has taken control of her health.

Mr. Daniel Coker & Mrs. Brooke Coker

Congratulations to Daniel and Brooke Coker, our February Patients of the Month! Daniel received the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in 2017 and Brooke most recently received a revision to a bypass in 2018. Collectively, the couple has been able to improve their lifestyles and lose over 300 pounds. We are very proud of all they have accomplished thus far and look forward to helping them stay on a healthy track.

Mary Jean Ackert

The entire McCarty Weight Loss Center team is happy to name Mary Jean Ackert our January Patient of the Month! Mary Jean has lost 70 pounds since her revision surgery and we look forward to her continuous success as she regains control of her health.

Bert Ruddock

Our team is excited to name Bert Ruddock as our December Patient of the Month! Bert says that, after his surgery, his results were evident within weeks and he began to regain his energy. Six months post-surgery, Bert was even able to stop taking his blood pressure medication. Now, a year following his procedure, Bert has lost over 110 pounds! Bert says his recovery was “quick and non-eventful” and his surgery was “a decision well-made!”


The entire McCarty Weight Loss Center team is happy to name Shannon Clark our November Patient of the Month! Her revision surgery helped resolve a variety of health issues as well as help Shannon lose over 20 pounds. When asked about her surgery and overall time with the McCarty team, Shannon says, “I have never had such an amazing experience.

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