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What our patients have to say about McCarty Weight Loss Center

Patient Reviews & Stories

*As patients and procedures vary so will results.
Robert Baird

We are excited to name Robert Baird as our June Patient of the Month! Since receiving his McCarty Mini Sleeve in March of 2018, Robert has lost 150 pounds. After battling insulin sensitivity, chronic inflammation, acid reflux and other health issues, Robert chose to undergo the Mini Sleeve procedure due to its proven use as an invaluable tool to get patient health on track and its minimally invasive technique with a limited hospital stay. Congratulations, Robert! We are proud of your work thus far and look forward to all of your health accomplishments ahead.

Colleen Russell

We are excited to announce our May Patient of the Month! Colleen is a little over a year out from the Mini Sleeve and has lost a total of 81 lbs in her journey! Colleen says, “I’m a Travel Agent and had a love hate relationship with travel… now I’m comfortable traveling and exploring and My relationship with travel is pure LOVE. I can PLAY with my grandkids!”

Her advice: “It’s been incredible for me… all positive, I’m so happy I finally gathered the courage to do this for myself. But it was a very hard decision, and I wasted lots of YEARS worrying about it. If you seriously want to take control of your weight, don’t waste time… do it. It’s not a magic serum, but for me, it made all the difference. I’ve dieted all my life and the last 20 years I have dieted without results. Surgery gave me the results I’ve worked so hard and long for.”

Shannon Clark

Congratulations to Shannon Clark, our April Patient of the Month! Since her Roux-en-Y gastric bypass revision, Shannon is down three clothing sizes and is no longer sick and depressed. Shannon is thankful for Dr. McCarty and his team for helping her improve her quality of life and self-esteem! We look forward to all that Shannon will continue to accomplish.

Erica Robertson

Our entire team is proud to name Erica Robertson our March Patient of the Month! It has been one year since Erica’s Mini Sleeve procedure and she has lost 60 pounds. We look forward to seeing what Erica continues to accomplish now that she has taken control of her health.

Before/after photo attached below-

Mr. Daniel Coker & Mrs. Brooke Coker

Congratulations to Daniel and Brooke Coker, our February Patients of the Month! Daniel received the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in 2017 and Brooke most recently received a revision to a bypass in 2018. Collectively, the couple has been able to improve their lifestyles and lose over 300 pounds. We are very proud of all they have accomplished thus far and look forward to helping them stay on a healthy track.

Mary Jean Ackert

The entire McCarty Weight Loss Center team is happy to name Mary Jean Ackert our January Patient of the Month! Mary Jean has lost 70 pounds since her revision surgery and we look forward to her continuous success as she regains control of her health.

Bert Ruddock

Our team is excited to name Bert Ruddock as our December Patient of the Month! Bert says that, after his surgery, his results were evident within weeks and he began to regain his energy. Six months post-surgery, Bert was even able to stop taking his blood pressure medication. Now, a year following his procedure, Bert has lost over 110 pounds! Bert says his recovery was “quick and non-eventful” and his surgery was “a decision well-made!”


The entire McCarty Weight Loss Center team is happy to name Shannon Clark our November Patient of the Month! Her revision surgery helped resolve a variety of health issues as well as help Shannon lose over 20 pounds. When asked about her surgery and overall time with the McCarty team, Shannon says, “I have never had such an amazing experience.


Our team is pleased to name Holly Williams as our October Patient of the Month! It has been one year since her gastric sleeve and Holly has already lost 53 pounds — only a few pounds from her goal. Her advice for others considering surgery? “It is so worth it. I feel so much better.”


Our entire team is excited to name Natalie Freeman our July Patient of the Month! Natalie has lost 75 pounds since her September 2017 surgery. Natalie tells those thinking about surgery to remember that it’s a health tool that still requires time and effort. “There will be ups and downs, there will be times where the weight loss stalls for a bit,” she says. “Keep going, keep pushing through and don’t give up.” Keep up the great work!


“Almost all my life, I have been overweight. After having three kids, my weight got even higher and nothing I did took the weight off. I yo-yo dieted for years only to lose and then gain back more than I had lost. I finally made the decision to have gastric sleeve surgery because I wanted to be around for my kids and be able to keep up with them. Having the surgery was the best decision I have ever made, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I never in my life imagined that in just 13 months, I would be down to 188 pounds and have lost 180 pounds. I could not be any happier about finding Dr. McCarty and his team and using this tool to take my life back. If you follow the diet and exercise plan and use this tool wisely, you can accomplish anything. I did!”


Our entire team is pleased to name Cathy Jackson our May Patient of the Month! Since her RY-Gastric Bypass six months ago, Cathy has lost almost 60 pounds, which has “saved her life.” We are extremely proud of Cathy’s accomplishments and look forward to seeing her continued success.


The entire McCarty Weight Loss Center team is delighted to name Mistie our April Patient of the Month! Since her surgery, Mistie has lost 85 pounds, which has changed her health and life for the better. She’s even found relief from the symptoms of her polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Mistie continues to keep her health on track to remain healthy and happy for her family and herself.

Raymond M.

The entire McCarty Weight Loss Center team is excited to name Raymond Murillo our March Patient of the Month! With a year out of surgery, Raymond has lost 74 pounds and continues to work hard to remain healthy. We are so proud of your hard work and for your committed service to our city!

Stephanie and John

Congratulations to our February Patients of the Month, Stephanie and John Beavers! Combined, the couple has lost 218 pounds since their surgeries. For those thinking about weight loss surgery, Stephanie suggests to always listen to your doctor and have a support system to help you along the way.

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