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First Baptist Medical Center weight loss doctor
Tips to Stop Drinking Soda & Energy Drinks

Soda and energy drinks may give you the boost you feel you need to get through the day, but,unfortunately, there is no nutritional benefit to consuming these sugary beverages. Soda and energy drinks are empty calories. The satisfaction they offer

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weight loss surgery success
5 Ways to Increase Chances of Weight Loss Surgery Success

While some may view weight loss surgery as the “easy way out,” that notion is nothing more than a myth. Achieving weight loss surgery success entails not only reaching your weight loss goal but also maintaining that weight loss. As

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weight loss hormones
Can Bariatric Surgery Change Your Hunger Hormones?

For many people — particularly those affected by obesity — it can be difficult to achieve long-term weight loss or maintain weight loss through diet and exercise alone. The National Institutes of Health Experts Panel recognizes bariatric surgery as an

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tired after gastric bypass surgery
Gastric Bypass Surgery – Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Feel Tired or Weak

As with any medical procedure, bariatric surgery can come with some unpleasant or uncomfortable side effects following the procedure. Some bariatric patients may feel tired or weak after surgery. While this may be common, it is not normal and should

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healthy food for weight loss
Top 10 Most Weight-Loss-Friendly Foods on The Planet

If you’ve been counting calories hoping to shed some unwanted pounds, you may have discovered that losing weight using that method alone isn’t as straightforward as it seems.  The reason? Not all calories are created equal. Moreover, our bodies process

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thanksgiving family dinner
Survive Thanksgiving With These 5 Healthy Tips

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is traditionally centered around food, which can be difficult for bariatric patients and others who are trying to lose weight. During the Thanksgiving feast, the average person consumes 4,500 calories — more than double the

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home gym
The Pros and Cons of a Home Gym

Committing to exercise and physical fitness is a key element for anyone who wants to lose weight. Without exercise, any weight loss that occurs is only partially a result of fat loss — the rest comes from the loss of

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weight loss self-esteem
How Weight Loss Can Boost Your Energy & Self-Esteem

Weight loss is about more than how you look or how your clothes fit. Shedding unwanted pounds can do wonders for your health. Losing just five to 10 percent of your excess weight can reduce your risk of developing type

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stress and weight gain
Comfort Food & Cortisol | The Connection Between Stress and Weight Gain

In the United States, the majority of adults are overweight or obese, increasing their risk for health conditions including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Obesity can also raise morbidity risks associated with hypertension, stroke, various cancers

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gastric surgery
How Quickly Can You Get Back to Work After Weight Loss Surgery?

Making the decision to undergo bariatric surgery requires a lot of planning. Part of that process is asking the right questions both about how to prepare for your procedure and what to expect after you leave the operating room. Among

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