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Meet Dr. McCarty

Dr. McCarty began performing bariatric surgery in 1998 after completing 8 years of surgical training. This experience and training helped Dr. McCarty advance numerous bariatric surgical innovations, including natural orifice surgery and more complex revision surgery.

Dr. McCarty was one of the first surgeons in the nation to integrate laparoscopy into bariatric surgery introducing laparoscopic gastric bypass and later laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. He is dedicated to improvements in patient care, has authored more than 50 scholarly articles, 9 book chapters and has been invited as an expert speaker and/or author on many occasions. Overall, he individually trained hundreds of surgeons spanning more than 20 states including many bariatric surgeons in the Dallas area. Please refer to DR. McCarty’s CV for more extensive information.

He also helped numerous hospitals in Texas develop bariatric surgery programs and served as Medical Director of several Bariatric Centers of Excellence in North Texas. He watched as the evolution of bariatric surgery over the ensuing decade and became disheartened as financial profit became the guiding force over patient care. With this in mind, he established Lakewood Weight Loss and Wellness in 2010 with a more balanced treatment philosophy. Namely, that it would combine the best of clinical care with a deeper understanding of the psychological and emotional hurdles to better health and longevity. As such, he sought to staff the clinic with only those individuals who hold a sincere empathy for patients struggling with weight issues, have a passion for excellence, a commitment to innovation and are strong patient advocates. With growth beyond the Dallas area, the name was changed to McCarty Weight Loss Center in 2015.  This Center strives to provide a diverse spectrum of treatments options tailored for the individual patient in an environment of knowledgeable and caring staff. Believing that medicine or surgery is simply a piece of a larger puzzle he strives to help each patient understand the components necessary in their lives to achieve long term success.

Dr. McCarty’s CV

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